Okatte house [everyone happy, especially on the course] 2H all-you-can-drink with dishes all 9 dishes 6,000 yen (excluding tax)

6000 yen

Tax excluded

◆ shrimp and asparagus salad

◆ appetizer three prime

◆ sashimi five Assorted

◆ superb! Skewers 2 dishes of domestic chickens and pigs

◆ boiled tofu of spring cabbage and Suzuki

◆ Japanese beef teppanyaki

◆ over one fried-chili sauce of chicken -

◆ deadline udon

◆ served with vanilla ice bite strawberry cake


■ 2-hour (LO30 minutes ago)
■ +1000 yen for sake, all kinds of distilled spirits to drink ★
■ Extended for 60 minutes at + 750 yen ♪
■ other tickets can not be combined
■ There is the case that the contents are subject to change by the purchase.■ For more information please feel free to contact us.■ We will respond to your request.